Cloud FAQ

  1. Q: What is Cloud Computing?
    A: Cloud computing is simply leveraging the existing infrastructure of the Internet to provide common applications and services that might otherwise be built internally on servers in your office.
  2. Q: How can Cloud Computing benefit me and my organization?
    A: Cloud Computing can help you focus on what drives the success of your organization rather than spending time and resources managing and focusing on your IT infrastructure.
  3. Q: How reliable is Cloud Computing?
    A: Vendors offering cloud-based services are typically using data centers and equipment that far surpasses that which is typically installed in business environments.  Data centers have redundant sources of AC power, backup generators and highly redundant storage and processing platforms.
  4. Q: How secure is Cloud Computing?
    A: Ironically, data being stored offsite in a remote data center is much more secure than it is sitting on servers in your back office.  There are too many ways in which data can be compromised or lost when it is stored locally.
  5. Q: Why should I do this now?
    A: It has taken several years for all of the technologies to mature and stabilize to the point where they can be reliably deployed in support of small business.  With the maturity of virtualized computers, data centers, Internet availability and bandwidth we have arrived at a “perfect storm” in terms of the Cloud being a viable, and often preferable option.
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